The Yamaha Grizzly 450 is a large quad bike that is used as both a courier and light transporter by the British Army. While unarmoured the Grizzly can reach speeds of 75kmph, ford light streams and can be used to move casualties away from the front line back to medical centres when Helicopter Evac is not practical.


A Yamaha Grizzly and Trailer being used by a British Army Serviceman

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare EndgameEdit


The Yamaha Grizzly is first seen in the level Supply and Demand in the garage of a Plantation House used as a drug farm by a Colombian Drug Cartel led by Eduardo Perez. A unit of Colombian Army Soldiers, consisting of Captain Marcellus, Sergent Cortez and Private 1st Class Redueriis, ride the ATVs after the escaping Drug Lord but on the way are dismounted by attackers armed with Thumper Grenade Launchers which resulted in the death of Captain Marcellus.

Yamaha Grizzly’s reaper in Worst Case Scenario as part of Makarov’s convoy across the Korean DMZ in support of Griffon 2000TD Hovercraft and Casspir APCs moving equipment into South Korea. Several Quad Bikes are destroyed by a hijacked Casspir manned by Cortez and Corporal Dunn as they tried to kill Makarov. Quad Bike patrols were also encountered by Captain Price and Soap during the events of From the Ashes on the way to a nearby mining station but are taken out by the team's Spider Light Strike Vehicle.


Quadbikes are available in some levels as drivable vehicles allowing up to two players at once to quickly traverse the map. So far they have only been confirmed on the maps Irrigation and Landing Zone.


Until recently the Yamaha Banshee was meant to appear but was replaced by the more bulky Yamaha Grizzly


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