Winter was an British TF-141 agent and worked as part of a team that specialized in marine and amphibious operations and later the command crew of the TF-141 Command Submarine ‘Deep Control’. Winter was killed shortly after General Shepherd began to hunt down the TF-141 after obtaining the Shadow Company Decryption Code from the USS Triton in the events of Recent History.


Winter was born in Brighton in 1982 to a family that had a strong tradition of Naval Service. Winter chose a career in the Royal Navy after her older brother was killed in a fishing accident by a Blue Marlin off the coast of Queensland in his adventures across the world. At the age of 20 Winter was served in the TF-141. Winter took part in many covert amphibious operations but was injured by an exploding mini-claymore mine off the coast of Angola on an unmarked Cargo Vessel. During her time in hospital Admiral Henderson, commander of Deep Command, for the Atlantic region made her part of the full time crew on the vessel.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare EndgameEdit

Winter was on Deep Command when the USS Triton arrived at the Falklands and informed the Admiral and two TF-141 Agents of the ship’s presence. After the Triton attacked Winter alongside Heron and Mako left Deep Command and fought off Shadow Company Divers, Surface Teams and later Blue Sharks with the later killing Mako. After surfacing Winter used a grappling line launching AT4-HS to board the ship and fought alongside Heron to reach both the Armory, where they attached C4 for demolition, and the Bridge. As she arrived at the Bridge Winter used a second line from the AT4 to prevent Shadow Company from locking her and Heron out of the control room. Winter then found the decryption key for the Shadow Company communications but was killed before she could escape the ship.


Despite not wearing a patch Winter can be easily identified as an British even before she talks due to her familiarity with the Submarine. The Royal Navy is the one of six, the others being the Welsh, Irish and Scottish, to allow female crew members on submarine vessels.

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