Who Dares Wins
Previous level The Big City
Next level None
Character Sgt. Roland "Demon" Durojberry
Team MIA Green Beret/Marine Recon Unit
Weapons M4A1 w/ Shotgun and Makarov
Enemy weapons AK-47, M16, TAR-21, FAL, MP5K, SVD, Uzi, PM-63, HK21, SPAS-12, HS-10
Place Macau
Date February 5, 2017
Objective Move into the alley.

Take out the drug dealers.

Move into the open castle gates.

Get prone on the castle lawn.

Move to the neignbor's house.

Defend the area for 4 minutes.

Get on the bus with the wounded Captain Porplops.

Arrive at and arrest the arms dealer.

Enemies Insurgents
Console codename sp_whowins

Who Dares Wins is the tenth and final mission of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. You are secretly tracking down the Russian arms dealer who supplied the nuke for the earthquake.


Starting LoadoutEdit

Found In LevelEdit

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