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Visionary is a new perk featured in Call of Duty: Covert Ops. It is similar to SitRep of Modern Warfare 2 and Hacker of Black Ops.


Visionary makes all enemy equipment appear red to the player, allow him to see it in advance. It will flash red even through walls, which is very useful for a player entering a room filled with Bouncing Betties. The player will also be able to spot Sentry Guns and SAM Turrets, which can help the player's team out, especially those with arieal killstreaks.

Amateur ChallengesEdit

Enemy Equipment: Destroy 20 enemy equipment.

Care Package: Call in 5 care packages.

Killsteak Kill: Kill 5 enemies with killstreaks in range of your Motion Sensor.

Once Amateur is unlocked, the player can booby-trap their own care packages and will have the ability to steal motion sensors. A booby-trapped care package will explode when an enemy captures it, killing him and anybody around him. If the player is using Visionary Amateur a Stolen Slot appears, and stolen Motion Sensors will be placed there.

Pro ChallengesEdit

Enemy Equipment: Destroy 50 enemy equipment.

Grenades: Throw 5 enemy grenades away.

Killstreak Destruction: Destroy 10 killstreaks.

The Pro version allows the Player to see where an enemy killstreak will strike, and dogs will also glow red. The ability to catch grenades is unlocked, meaning any grenade thrown near the player will be caught and automatically thrown back to the enemy.


  • The icon of this perk contains a Bouncing, referring to the abilty of seeing enemy equipment.

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