The Vektor R4 Assault Rifle is a licensed copy of the Israli Gali and to replace the FN FAL due to the weapons age. Equipped with a built in pair of wire-cutters and bottle opener the R4 Vektor was first used in the South African Border War and remains the South African Defense Force's chosen Assault Rifle.


The Vektor R4 Assault Rifle

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare EndgameEdit

Codes for the Vektor R4 have been found in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Endgame and was meant to appear in the levels The Raven’s Trail, Barrier of Spears and the cut level Eyes of an Unkindness in the hands of the South African Mercenary Coalition as well as in Multiplayer and Spec Ops Mode. In the end the weapon was removed and replaced with the FAL due to the similarity of the weapons name to the TDI Vector.

Call of Duty: From the ColdEdit

The Vektor R4 has been confirmed in Call of Duty: From the Cold and was seen in the trailer being used by the South African Defence Force in defence of a Rhinkalas Armoured Ambulance and later a fire fight with Cuban Soldiers. The Vektor R4 was also briefly reviewed in the Quartermaster Blog alongside the MP5 Grenadier, SKS, FN MAG and Hafdasa C-4.

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