This page notes the changes in vehicle appearance and behaviour from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Endgame

(Please Note that due to a formating error that this page is under reconstruction)

AH-64 ApacheEdit

Apperances (Allied): - One Last Push, From the Ashes

Apperances (Enemy): - Recent History, Barrier of Spears

  • The Apache appears as two models, a Black Shadow Company Model and a United States Armed Forces Model
  • The Apache can switch between the fast firing Chain Gun and slower but more powerful when called in with the Chopper Gunner Killstreak

BM-21 ‘Grad’Edit

Appearances (Allied): - TBC

Appearances (Enemy): - Romeo Sierra, Worst Case Scenario

  • The BM-21 now supports an Urban Camouflage in Romeo Sierra and a Woodland Camouflauge in Worst Case Scenario
  • Like most armoured vehicles the BM-21 will target the most visible or dangerous threat first
  • The BM-21 will actively target the player


Apperances (Allied): - TBC

Apperances (Enemy): - Safe Haven, Rolling Thunder, Romeo Sierra, Objective Kilo

  • BMP-2s now work alongside BTR-80s and BMPT as an Anti Tank Vehicle and Armored Transport
  • BMP-2s can now deploy troops, as seen in Romeo Sierra
  • BMP-2s are slightly more resistant against infantry fired rockets and the Mk 19 Grenade Launcher


Apperances (Allied): - Contagion

Apperances (Enemy): - One Last Push, Border Skirmish, Tommorow Moscow, Contagion, From the Ashes

  • BTRs work alongside BMP-2s and BMPTs as an armored transport and light infantry fighting vehicle
  • BTR-80s now act as a transport vehicle as seen in One Last Push
  • The BTR has been strengthened slightly against all attacks
  • BTRs will now attack the player or NPC that thretans them most and is no longer bound to the a fixed pth
  • A Riot Control BTR fitted with an ADS Dish has been introduced

More Vehicles to be Reformated

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