• Goodboy12

    Here's what happens in Call of Duty 9: Iron Wolf:

    The story starts out in Thailand, in Shadow Company's swamp base. It is essentially a shack that has been flooded in December 2004 during the big tsunami. Price and Frost go to the base to find out where evidence of Shepherd's master plan is. They only find out another base of his in the Iron Triangle in Vietnam.|The three, as Nikolai drives the helicopter, go there too, and find out that Shadow Company has control of the TF141 command sub, but they don't know where it is.|Meanwhile, the U.S. Air Force Pararescuemen and Army Rangers conduct a relief operation for a farmer's family in a Polish field and barn. Communist guerillas attack them, and are soon killed by the U.S. forces, and all of t…

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  • Goodboy12

    The next Call of Duty game, Call of Duty 9: Iron Wolf, has been confirmed. All the weapons data has been released.

    These are going to be weapons avaliable for use in Call of Duty 9: Iron Wolf.

    The AK-47, a common Russian weapon, is definitely returning. It will be unlocked by default. It will look very similar to its Modern Warfare 2 variant, with a tan finish. With 40-30 damage, 30 round mag, 2.5 reload loaded and 3.45 unloaded, 689 RPM, low-moderate controllable recoil, and medium penetration, this weapon is a good gun for starters.

    The Type 95 is a Chinese 3-round burst assault rifle, coming back from the previous game, Modern Warfare 3. It looks barely anything like its MW3 counterpart, with new iron sights and a look, but it is still black. It has …

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