An idea I came up with.

Call of Duty: Final Push is a side game to the Modern Warfare series. The playable factions are:

627th Tactical Warfare Squadron. A Special Forces team consisting of two squads (One-one and One-two) which are each divided into two fireteams (Alpha & Bravo, Charlie & Delta) of five soldiers. Also, one more fireteam (Echo) consists of two support gunners and a two-man Sniper team

Storm Ops: Elite-of-the-elite fireteam consisting of four members.



Playable: SSGT. John Austin, commander of Bravo team.

I need 23 more names. Preferably with ranks Cpl.- Sgt. Major. The Snipers should be a higher rank than most.

Storm Ops:

Lightning: Second in command. (Playable)

Thunder: Leader of Storm Ops. (NPC)

Downpour: Second in command, with Lightning. (NPC)

Blizzard: Team marksman. Maybe playable in one mission.

Plot: In 2018, the US military initiated operation "Final push". Intel shows that the remnants of the Taliban and Al-Queda Terrorist groups are working together. Final Push is a two-year operation to finish these groups off for good.


XR-1: Preferred assault rifle of Storm Ops. Classified, not available in Multiplayer.

HK416: Modified M4 Carbine for enhanced reliability. Assault rifle of the 627th.

CheyTac M200: Sniper rifle of both teams.

MP7: Sidearm of Storm ops.

TDI Vector/KRISS SMG: SMG used by the 627th for CQB Ops.

Glock 21: Sidearm of 627th. Shares Ammo with Vector.

SPAS-15: Shotgun used by the 627th.

AA-12: Shotgun used by Storm Ops. Not in multiplayer.

So far, details are scarce, but I thought with your help I can make final push a complete story. Appreciate the help, {{SUBST:Sig/Cpl. Ross}} 16:15, April 30, 2011 (UTC)

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