• Cpl. Ross

    An idea I came up with.

    Call of Duty: Final Push is a side game to the Modern Warfare series. The playable factions are:

    627th Tactical Warfare Squadron. A Special Forces team consisting of two squads (One-one and One-two) which are each divided into two fireteams (Alpha & Bravo, Charlie & Delta) of five soldiers. Also, one more fireteam (Echo) consists of two support gunners and a two-man Sniper team

    Storm Ops: Elite-of-the-elite fireteam consisting of four members.



    Playable: SSGT. John Austin, commander of Bravo team.

    I need 23 more names. Preferably with ranks Cpl.- Sgt. Major. The Snipers should be a higher rank than most.

    Storm Ops:

    Lightning: Second in command. (Playable)

    Thunder: Leader of Storm Ops. (NPC)


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