The Russian Base seen in Safe Haven is a Relay Station that acts as part of the Russian frontier reconnaissance group. The actual complex was built over a buried Soviet Weapons Facility and Doomsday Bunker, if the actual Russian Government knew about this is unknown, and supported a number of buildings surrounding the central logistics centre which was used to map the areas topography. Due to its remote location and the harsh conditions of the Ural Mountains the base was overlooked and was operated by a skeleton crew. It was this factor that made the area attractive to Kamarov to set up a Loyalist Safehouse which was also used by the TF-141. The relay station was connected to an airstrip by a service road and had a range of helicopters and aircraft that acted as patrol craft and emergency escape transports.

The base was infiltrated shortly after the Russians were pushed out of America by the TF-141 who in turn were perused by Shadow Company Units and hard-line Ultranationalists. During the conflict the bridge to the service road and later the logistics building were damaged by a pair of MiG-29s that were returning from a patrol, who were given the task of halting the enemy progress. After escaping the base the TF-141 escaped through the submerged base to the airstrip and left the mountains on an Mi-26 that was owned by Nikolai. Shortly afterwards the C4 charges planted on the base’s foundations detonated causing a massive avalanche that quickly buried the relay station.

The Russian Relay Base appears in the Spec Ops mission Global Positioning Sniper and he multiplayer map Blizzard

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