The United States Police Department (often acrynomed as USPD) is the core of the United States Government Law Enforcement Organization and faction in the Call of Duty world of fandom. They are tasked with enforcing the law of the United States.


Every state's Department is divided into three groups:

  • Patrol: The normal police group. Wears standard(usually black) attire, and sheriffs wear tan attire.
  • Special Weapons and Tactics, or SWAT: The heavily-armed, paramilitary, infiltration version of the police. Wears black(normal) or green(FBI).
  • Federal Borough Investigation, or FBI: The investigation of the police. Wears blue pants with blue jacket.


  • M9 - The primary weapon for the Department, primarily used by Patrol.
  • M1911 .45 - Rarely carried by specific officers
  • USP .45 - Primarily used by the SWAT.
  • W1200 - Stored inside Patrol Cars' trunks.
  • MP5 - Used by the SWAT.
  • G36C - Stored inside Patrol Cars' trunks, and sometimes wielded by SWAT sheriffs.
  • M16A4 - Once used by Patrol, but replaced by the easier-to-use M4A1
  • M4A1 - Stored inside Patrol Cars' trunks, and used by Patrol and FBI.
  • R700 - Used by police snipers. Patrol or SWAT.


  • Red Dot Sight - Used by FBI for improved aiming.
  • Holographic Sight - Used by FBI.
  • ACOG Scope - Used by SWAT, and rarely Patrol for better aiming.
  • Silencer - Used by SWAT in Nighttime Operations.

Grenades and EquipmentEdit

  • Flash - Used by SWAT breaching teams.
  • Stun - Used by FBI incase suspects are covering their eyes.
  • C4 - Used by SWAT to break down doors.

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