The USS Cedar Bay (LCS-11) was a Littoral Combat Ship that was constructed in 2015 and was later bought by General Shepherd, and renamed the ship the Triton, with a blank check that was used to fund Shadow Company’s Operations. Shepherd positioned the Triton close to the TF-141 Dock Complex on the Falkland Isles for a quick and easy infiltration to secure the data stored in the facility.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare EndgameEdit

The Triton made a single appearance in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Endgame in the level Recent History. The vessel is first seen briefly on the screens inside the TF-141 Command Submarine ‘Deep Control’ but is shut down by Shepherd when he contacts the TF-141. The ship’s next appearance is after Captain Kyle "Heron" Rickland, Mako and Winter emerge to combat the Shadow Company Divers and Zodiacs that are attacking the submarine. Soon after Heron and Winter used a modified AT4-HS to board the Triton and started hunting for the bridge in an attempt to steal the Shadow Company decryption key.

On the way to the Bridge Heron and Winter visited the armoury and placed some C4 on a box of grenades so that they could destroy the ship on the way out after acquiring the key. After acquiring the key Heron used the ship’s CIWS Turret to destroy a pair of AH-64 Apache Helicopters as well as one of the SH-60 Seahawk Helicopters stationed on the Triton. Shortly after leaving the Triton Shepherd fired an Exocet at the ship sinking it before blaming the attack on the Argentinean Navy trying to get the British into the upcoming World War.


Triton was the son of Poseidon, Greek God of the Sea.

Shepherd uses an Exocet Missile against the Triton. This weapon was commonly employed by the Argentineans against the British in the Falklands War. Shepherd may have selected this weapon to pin blame on Argentina, as seen in this levels cut scene, to prevent the British interfering with his plan or to provoke them into a war with Argentina.

The Denel 35mm Dual Purpose Gun is a South African Weapon. Shepherd probably retrofitted such weapons onto the Triton using money supplied by the US Secretary of Defense

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