The Tu-95 ‘Bear’ is a Russian propeller driven heavy bomber that has been in service for over 50 years, first coming into service in 1956, and holds the record as the fastest and nosiest propeller driven plane in existence.

B52 Tu95

Two B52s and Tu-95s

In Modern Warfare EndgameEdit

The Tu-95 has appeared in several campaign missions in Call of Duty Endgame, appearing in Rolling Thunder on the runway of the Russian Air Base and a simular bomber can be seen in Contagion. A civilian variant the Tu-114 can be seen flying in the background during the events of Tomorrow Moscow. Tupolev 95s are first seen as enemies in Objective Kilo where the player has to shoot them, and their escort Sukhoi Su-50 Stealth Fighters, using a Pantsir-S1


The Tu-95 acts as the delivery device for the Area of Denial Strike for the Spetsnaz, OpFor, Colombian and South African factions. The Tu-95 like the B52 flies above the range of most kill-streaks and launchers and is impervious to harm although the UAV Strike can damage the aircraft and EMP will prevent the bomb dropping.

In Call of Duty: Covert Ops

The Tu-95 appears in the levels The Airfield and Crash Site. In The Airfield, Samson's team steals one and flies it, but it later crashes after being shot down. In Crash Site, Samson and the squad must defend the crashed plane until help arrives. It appears in the zombie map De la Campana, and uses the same destroyed model in Crash Site.


The Tu-95 delivers the Grand Slam bomb and the Chemical Strike for the Spetsnaz, Communist, and North Korean factions. It cannot be shot down and bullets from guns will not affect it.

Call of Duty: From the ColdEdit

The civillian model of the Tu-95, the Tu-114, appears in the level SNAFU. The Tu-114 is boarded by Major Johansson and Codename Alistair escorted by Soviet Commander Captain Anahtov and is used as an escape craft for the SAS. More infomation to follow when it is made available.


The model shown is the Tu-95M designed for in-flight refueling

Despite being retired a Tu-114 can be seen, this is probably an oversight by the games designers


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