Titanium Shipping
Titanium Shipping
Leader(s) Yuri Kirkanov
Appears in Call of Duty 9
Country Global
Active Since 2002
Motto Going Global
Titanium Shipping is an enemy faction appearing throughout Call of Duty 9.


Titanium Shipping was founded in 2002 by Yuri Kirkanov, a former Spetsnaz operative. Yuri had connections with powerful men and women all over the planet, and soon Titanium became the most powerful company in the world. As time went on Titanium Shipping would have offices in nearly every country, and its headquarters were located in his homeland of Russia.

Titanium was not so glamourous, and became a leader in the black market and arms dealing. Yuri soon met with powerful people, including IRA agent Jonah Thorpe, Russian mobster Yuri, and British SAS Captain Grant. His son, Alexei Packovic, was a Spetsnaz Captain and had considerable influence over the entire Russian army. These military men gave Yuri a powerful army he could use to finish his goal: to conquer the world.

Titanium Shippings first chronological appearance in the game was the mission The Earthquake. In 2010, MI6 discovered Jonah was going to meet with Titanium officials in Lisbon to discuss about arms dealing. Lt. Hanover, Sgt. Thomas, and Cpl. Johnson led an SBS team to the meeting. Captain Grant led his own team, and led the British into an ambush. Thomas managed to steal important documents, which caused Yuri to speed up his planning. In the mission Cpt. Grant was later pursued by the SBS to Cuba, where he managed to escape and caused a major diplomatic incident between Cuba, the US, and Britain.

Following this, MI6 tracked Jonah to a base in Ireland. Jonah escaped to a castle in Iraq, where he was sheltered by OpFor loyal to Titanium Shipping. An ISA team was located nearby and was sent to capture him. Yuri, not wanting Jonah to give up his secrets, had Yuri send gunmen to murder Jonah. Jonah fought back and when the ISA breached the castle they found his dead body along with two of the gunmen's.

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