Reach the end of the Gauntlet under fire from Helicopters, Snipers and Elite Assassins - Spec Ops Description

The Gauntlet is an Bravo Level Spec Ops mission that is designed to test the players speed, knowledge of firearms and cover as well as their tactical descison when in a tight environment with an out of control firefight raging around them. This level is based on the finale of the level Recent History

Overview Edit

The level takes place in a tight walled courtyard at the TF-141 Dock Complex and features falling wreckage as well as both Snipers and Elite Assassins mounted on Helicopters. The player begins the level with only a M9 Handgun and while able to pick up other weapons from the weapons caches it is recommended to run. The total distance from start to end is 500m and can be ran in about 50 Seconds, which is Infinity Ward’s best time, although there are rumors of people running the course in faster times. To complete the mission all the player has to do is reach the end marked with flares. Playing on Hardened and Veteran will face more Elite Assassins and the Little Bird Helicopters will target the player as well.

Available WeaponsEdit

Starting Weapons Edit

Weapons CachesEdit


If the Player survives to long the Little Bird Helicopters will land and deploy Shadow Company Units to block the player’s path

The section is almost identical to the end of Recent History and even includes the soldiers firing at the Little Birds but does not feature the climb over the wall.

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