The Airfield is the ninth level of Call of Duty: Covert Ops. The player controls Dirk Samson as his squad escorts him to an airfield in Lima, Peru to get back to America.


Juan, Samson, and Fergerson sit in a jeep in a Peruvian resistance convoy, passing down main street. Eventually, they come to a Russian roadblock. While attempting to get by, their cover is blown and the Russians fire on them. Samson gets out of the jeep and kills the Russians, and the resistance hop over the barricade and head to the airport. After clearing out more Russians, tanks come and the team escape into a marketplace. After fighting through, they avoid the tanks by heading into an apartment building. They continue to fight, and pass over a bridge. The tanks attempt to destroy the bridge, but Samson finally destroys them with a dropped Russian RPG. They pass into a building, and fight their way down.

After making it pass two courtyards, the team makes it to the airfield. They destroy two guard towers and fight across the runways. Samson, Fergerson, Juan, and four other resistance members get on. Samson controls a machine gun on board, and fires at Russian soldiers and jeeps on the ground. The plane lifts off and heads over a field filled with SAM turrets. Samson launches rockets and drops bombs at the fields, destroying the turrets.

One hour later, the team heads over the Mexican border. Soon, the Mexican Air Force and the Soviet Air Forces both attack the plane. They also engage each other. Samson fires rockets and machine guns at the planes, desperately trying to keep the plane intact. Eventually, a missile strikes the plane, causing it to crash into the ground below.



  • It is unknown what happens to the rest of the resistance, as they are not seen again for the rest of the game.
  • The plane Samson flies in is a Tu-95. This is odd as this level takes place in 1953, while the plane was first introduced in 1956.
  • This level features the first three-way dogfight in Call of Duty history.

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