The Agency is the fifth level of Call of Duty: Covert Ops. The player controls CIA agent Nick Williams as he fights in the YucNatan Peninsula.


A task force is sent to the Yucatan to kill Falcon, who is dealing weapons to the communists. Sgt. Williams and other soldiers wait a top, looking down at a road before. Lt. Daniel announces that the convoy is here. Williams looks down the site of a scoped Springfield. The convoy stops at a road block. As enemy soldiers clear it, Williams takes a shot at the target, notorious arms dealer codenamed Falcon. The communists soon start shooting at the cliff above. Williams continues to take shots out of the springifield until it jams. Daniel gives him a Bazooka, and Williams shoots it at several tanks below.

It is soon announced that the communists are climbing trails on the sides of the ridge. Williams can choose to take either side. Once it is chosen, Williams moves over there and is given a M1919A6 machine gun, and takes out communist foots soldiers. Eventually, the communists break through, and the group retreats. Command sends a helicopter with the callsign Tiger, and Williams calls targets for Tiger. The group regroups at another ridge, and Williams sets off napalm charges, killing hundreds of enemies. Williams picks up a Thompson and fires at enemies while calling in targets for Tiger.

After 5 minutes of fighting, 6 enemy tanks roll in and shoot down Tiger. Williams fights through enemy soldiers and reaches a bunker, where he picks up a Bazooka and destroys five of the six tanks before enemies attack the bunker. As enemies converge on his posistion, Williams shoots them down and escapes via a ladder. On top of the bunker, Williams destroys the last tank. Williams and his squad escapes in a trench, and shoots enemies.

The squad gets to another bunker, where they make a stand while waiting for a B-52 to bomb the enemies. After delaying the enemy with napalm charges, Williams gets on a machine gun and pounds the enemies. As more enemies come, the machine gun jams and enemies break through. Just as they about to be killed, the B-52 destroys the enemies, allowing the squad to escape.


A Pin on a Map shows Samson's last known location.

COMMAND: We've lost contact with Agents Samson and Fergerson. There last known location was in Peru. Assumed MIA.

GARNETT: We've got bigger problems to worry about. The map changes to the Yucatan Peninsula. An arms dealer, codename Falcon, has been dealing weapons to the communists. Falcon's profile is shown. We're worried what the communists are up to.

COMMAND: Send a CIA team to assassinate Falcon.

GARNETT: I'll get Daniel and Williams.

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