Teddy Mine
Teddy Bear

Instant Kill

Damage Multipliers


Magazine Size

1 Mine

Starting Ammunition

2 Mines

Maximum Ammunition

4 Mines

Reload Time

None, Mine

Rate of Fire



10 Meters





Fire Mode

Seven Explosions



Used by

Nobody, but obtainable

The Teddy Mine is a new weapon in Call of Duty: World At War. It is introduced in Zombie Trench and will be able to use in Map Pack 3.


The Teddy Mine takes the appearence of a regular Bouncing Betty, and works like one. The player plants it just like a Bouncing Betty. When a Zombie/Enemy approaches it, it will activate. A teddy bear will rise up into the air from the ground and a little girl will laugh. Although this seems like a warning, it isn't. While the teddy bear is rising, six Bouncing Bettys will rise up from the ground, surronding the zombie/enemy, and explodes, as does the main one. When the explosion finishes, the teddy bear will fall to the ground and will stay there until the round (multiplayer) or game (Zombie Trench), finished. The player that planted the bomb will know that the teddy mine was activated as they will automatically hear the laugh.

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