"Their Everywhere Man!"

This article, Survival, is about Zombies! If you don't like Zombies you are advised to not read this page.

Survival is a story written by Gruntijackal, it is about the Japanese Zombie outbreak in the Pacific. It takes place inside a large temple and will eventually have an end.

Characters: Edit

  • Corporal Loke
  • Private M. Miller
  • Private C. Miller
  • Corporal Polonsky
  • Private Cook
  • Private Harrison
  • Private Thompson
  • Seargent Livan

Story: Edit

Hangar Edit

September 4th, 1945, the war had ended two days before. With the descruction of the German Reichstag and the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshama, the ultimate defeat of Japan and the Nazi Party was complete. To Make sure no support of the once proud Imperial Japanese Army uprises, we have to check on the Island of Tiki Lanby, south of the ruins of Pearl Harbour. Our mission has been set, and no matter what, we will do it. I, am Private Shaun Cook, and I'm gonna finish the mission.

We were in the Hangar of the island of Pelulu in the Pacific Ocean. Private Miller was fixing his M2 Flamethrower- he had taken care of it in the war. Corporal Polonsky was holding the dog tags of Seargent Roebuck; he had died in May attacking Shuri Castle. Killed by a Japanese he thought was surrendering, as Miller made the Fatal blow to the Japanese soldier holding Polonsky. He was still in deep sadness, "I wish I had died instead of him," Polonsky whimpered to himself. I made my way to him, "With all due respect, Corporal, he did die a hero's death."

"That isn't the point, we could of helped him, but Miller was focused on me and I was all relieved that I was alive," Polonsky snapped at him.

"Ok, man. Don't take too personal, we all feel sorry about Roebuck's death," I quoted thinking on my feet.

Polonsky was in a worst state than when Roebuck actually died. Nobody could blame him, since the war, Polonsky had become a very personal man. He came close to actually leaving the last members of the Marine Raiders that wern't KIA. Oh how I missed the sound of the Banzai Chargers at Shuri Castle and on Okinawa, and their pathetic attempts at killing us. But the war was now over, and the Marine Raiders was almost destroyed, mainly because of KIA and people leaving the army. I was on the plane known only as the Black Cat. I took a good number of Zeroes down while the others delt with the boats. Polonsky was sitting down near a corner in the Hangar. The Dog Tags of Seargent Sullivan and Roebuck were there, almost as if they were staring at him. Seargent Livan approached Polonsky, along with Private Thompson.