"Davis, this is Jacks!! The Pitbull is out of action!! Proceeding on foot!"
-Jacks after his Pitbull crashed

Bravo Team Leader

This article is about the Jackson Pearce appearing in Call Of Duty: SuperNova. For the Jacks in Future Warfare, see Dean "Hops" Hunter.

Jackson Kent Pearce, AKA Jacks, is the main protagonist of Call Of Duty: SuperNova. He originally started off as a 10 year old boy at the start of the game, but the Manticore Strike and the War Of Nations turned him into a depressed, brooding and battle-hardened 12 year old. Jacks was assigned to the Wolf Division at the age of 16.


Jacks was born in 2003 to unknown parents. He had a good childhood while it lasted, but when he was 10 years old, a Hazardous Chemical known as Manticore was unleashed across the world, destroying every city in America, Britain, Germany, Japan, China and every other country in the world. Hundreds of enormous and mysterious ships then came from the skies and fired missiles at the cities which were weakened by the Manticore attacks. These cities were destroyed in minutes and the whole World was thrown into chaos.

Remaining on the outskirts of Chicago, the young Jacks had the burden of looking at his destroyed home city every single day. He and his father had nothing but the clothes on their backs, a few cans of food to keep them going, and a campfire.

2 years after the Manticore Strikes and the Crisis Invasion, the 12 year old Jacks was not what he used to be. When he was 10, Jacks was just a normal kid, but the Manticore attacks and the Crisis Invasion, he turned into a depressed, brooding and violent 12 year old.

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