Achievement Name - Storm Surge

Gamer Score - 10G

Trophy Type - Bronze

Description - Keep Rolling Thunder intact

Storm Surge

The Icon for the 'Storm Surge' Achievment

While simple sounding the amount of enemy armor and anti armor positions makes the achievement more difficult to obtain. Picking up an RPG-7 is a good start to getting this accolade as there is plenty of ammo for the weapon lying around. Failing that a MILAN Anti Tank Launcher is a good choice as well although the player will need experience controlling the missiles it fires. While normally not a bother enemies with small arms are also dangerous as the tank will only deflect rockets as long as it’s active soft kill prevention system is online. Also remember to let the tank ‘defend’ itself by feeding targets to the vehicle using your laser designator. At the final part of the level after taking out the AA Positions target the Armor and Helicopters harassing the tank before targeting the AA Units.

List of Prime Targets (In order of deadliness to the Tank)Edit

Enemies with Javelin Launchers

Enemies with MILAN AT Launchers

Havoc Helicopters

T72 Tanks



Enemies with RPGs

Enemies with Non Explosive Small Arms

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