Storm Ops is a top-secret team of 4 elite operatives. They are featured in Call of Duty: Final Push.


Note that the names of Storm Ops Operatives are classifies for their safety.

  • "Thunder"- Leader of Storm Ops
  • "Lightning"- Playable character in Storm Ops
  • "Downpour"- NPC in Storm Ops
  • "Blizzard"- Marksmen for Storm Ops


Primary WeaponsEdit

Assault RiflesEdit

  • XR-1

Sub-Machine GunsEdit

  • TDI Vector
  • MP7

Light Machine GunsEdit

  • Mk. 43
  • Mk. 34

Sniper RiflesEdit

  • CheyTac M200

Secondary WeaponsEdit


  • FN Five-Seven
  • M1911

Machine PistolsEdit

  • G18
  • TEC-DC9


  • AA-12


  • FMG-148 Javelin
  • AT4


Storm Ops Operatives wear Crye Precision MultiCam. Under their gear, black civilian clothing is worn so that, if necesary, Operatives can strip their gear and blend in with the civilians. Their gear consists of CIRAS plate carriers, with Single magazines pouches on the sides of their CIRASes to allow operatives to lay down easily. More magazines are carried on the back, along the waist in double stack pouches. Small hydration backpacks carry MREs, water, and other field supplies. Thigh holsters hold pistols and machine pistols in a manner similar to members of The 627th TWS. All operatives wear shemaghs to and sunglasses or shaded goggles to protect their identities. Equipment such as gas masks, radios, and NVGs are present also. Operatives with shotguns have extra shotgun shells on their vest. Support gunners (LMGs) Have large ammo pouches instead of normal mag pouches, along with a groin and neck protection. Sub-machine gunners wear less equipment than other operatives. Snipers (Blizzard only) wear ghillie suits with harnesses and tactical belts.

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