The Spider LSV is an unarmoured fast attack vehicle created for the Singapore army. Designed for hit and run attacks as well as aggressive reconnaissance the Spider LSV can be equipped with a variety of weapons such as Heavy Machine Guns, Automatic Grenade Launchers, SPIKE AT Missiles and the 120mm Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System (SRAMS).


Spider LSV with SPIKE Anti Tank Missile Launcher Extended

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare EndgameEdit


Two Spider Light Strike Vehicles; Black Widow and Sun Spider, are seen in the level From the Ashes. These vehicles are used by Delta Force to reach a Construction Site to rescue the TF-141 agents Captain Price and Captain MacTavish and Chilean Undercover Agent Hector Ramone. After this they are used to carve a path to a Mining Station destroying security personnel mounted on Quadbikes, Humvees and a pair of BTR-80s.

Spec OpsEdit

The Spider LSV is used in the Spec Ops mission Dune Basher where one player drives the vehicle and uses the Light Machine Gun while the other mans the SPIKE missile system. While in the Campaign the Spider LSV is only used in Chile in the Spec Ops Mission it is being targeted by OpFor units suggesting the mission is based on a deleted campaign mission or that From the Ashes was originally going to take place elsewhere.


The Spider LSV has no apperances in multiplayer as a scenery item although it might appear as part of the Armoured Support Killstreak


While used by US forces in the game the Spider LSV is currently only in service with the Singapore Army

The Chenowth Advanced Light Strike Vehicle was until recently the vehicle that was to be used in From the Ashes but was changed to the Spider LSV before the article was written as it provided slightly more protection for the player


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