he was born in aberdeen scotland and was signed up in to the military by his parents.


sgt henderson in his early military years


he was in the battle of barutelli in america which was bombed and then flooded by the russians who claimed however he managed to escape when he had to swim 30 miles to CASTLE base in mexico. He fought off a horde of russian troops but he was overwhelmed and supposedly killed however no proof was found except for a couple of russian bodies and a pool of blood.

two years later a trooper who looked like sgt.henderson was spotted in the russian militia however this sgt.henderson detonated a russian nuke before they could launch it. he somehow left russia alive.

he destroyed a russian hedquarters with his strike team bravo noble in the dawn of the russian split. those that thought that military control was the way forward became east russia those that thought democracy could be the way forward became west russia. the war between these two caused a world war the democratic countries supported the west russians the war-liking countries supported the east russians.

his whearabouts are impossible to locate however it is thought that he is back at his military base in north st north in easton county.

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