Sgt. Walter Springfield was a soldier fighting for the Marines in the Second Russian Civil War (Call of Duty 4), Battle of Volgograd, Afghanistan, and the Russo - American War (Modern Warfare 2).

The Second Russian Civil WarEdit

Springfield was sent in as the first wave of attackers against Al - Assad. He fought in the town and the broadcast station. Al - Assad was not there so the Marines headed to the capital. He was offered a ride in War Pig. The Opfor ambushed the tank and he helped defend the tank. Lt. Vasquaz's squad came and he covered Jackson when he destroyed the anti aircraft. He then supported the tank as moved forward. He kept fighting until he got on the helicopter to escape the nuclear blast.

Battle of VolgogradEdit

He was part of the squad. See Battle of Volgograd.


Springfield helped the Rangers by protecting the bridge layer. He then got on a Humvee. As Opfor shot RPGs his Humvee was destroyed. He fought the Opfor and made it to Sgt. Foley's squad. He tags along and helps defeat the Opfor.

Russo - American WarEdit

He was first deployed in Washington DC. He protected the Evac Site by fighting Russians in trenches. As Overlord tells everybody to commence April and pull out. He gets on a helicopter and shoots at Russians. However, the EMP knocks the helicopter out of the sky. He climbs out of the wreckage and follows his squad to Whisley Hotel. They enter the West Wing and make it to the roof. They start popping green flares and the airstrike is avoided.