World War III



Second Vietnam War

(From upper left clockwise: An Indonesian-Oceania Vietnamese aims his AK-74u out of a window, An Indonesian-Oceania Vietnamese fires an RPG-7, a Green Beret dodges an missile, U.S. Marine Recon troops in Ho Chi Minh City, two Indonesian-Oceania Vietnamese during a firefight, and a U.S. Marine Recon soldier just after exiting his helicopter.) Second Vietnamese Civil War






Unknown total outcome

Tactical Allied victory

  • Killing of Nguyen Van Hutuh
  • Successful wipeout of Indonesian-Oceania army

Vietnam Sino Vietnamese

US United States of America

China China

Vietnam Indonesian-Oceania Vietnamese

China Insurgents

Indonesia Indonesia (rumored)


Vietnam President of Vietnam

US President of the United States

China President of China†

Vietnam Nguyen Van Hutuh


This template was originally made at Halopedia, all credit is given to it. The Second Vietnamese Civil War was a war fought between two groups of Vietnamese in the year of 2017. After starting with only that, China got involved, and so did the U.S. and Insurgents. About a month went, and the Indonesian-Oceania leader was killed. The war was confirmed not over though.

The WarEdit


January 2017-Civil war begins. China makes its speech condemning the Indonesian-Oceania Vietnamese.

February 1, 2017-U.S. invades Vietnam.

February 2, 2017-Green Berets and Insurgents crash into Ho Chi Minh City as the Battle of Ho Chi Minh City wages.

February 3, 2017-Nguyen Van Hutuh is killed in Hanoi city limits, planning an attack there.

Late 2017-President of China is reportedly killed, as seen after the last mission. It says he is killed by "an unknown mercenary group."

Primary TargetsEdit

The only known Allied individual target of the war was Nguyen Van Hutuh, the leader of the Indonesian-Oceania Vietnamese. He was considered an HVT by the Marine Recon, and later the Green Berets. The Sino Vietnamese leader considered him "the Osama bin Laden of Vietnam". China commented on this, and said, "We support the Vietnamese who wish to have our ethnicity in their country." Only 3 days after the start of the U.S. invasion he was killed however, by Gordon "Watchtower" Bluetyes in a Hanoi hotel.

The Insurgents were a prime target for the Berets and Marines after Hutuh was KIA. In pursuit, they went to Macau, China.

Nguyen Van Hutuh during the war, in the center.

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