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Scavenger is a perk featured in Call of Duty: Covert Ops. It allows the player to restock on ammo.


Scavenger allows the player to pick up bags of ammo off of dead players. This can be useful with weapons with small amounts of ammo, or if aiming for a high killstreak. It resupplies one primary and secondary magazine. Unlike Modern Warfare 2, all rocket launchers will have their ammo refilled.

Amateur ChallengesEdit

Resupply: Resupply 100 times.

Grenade Kills: Kill 10 enemies with grenades.

Killstreak: Get 5 kills, 5 times.

The Amateur version makes scavenger bags also resupply lethal and tactical grenades, as well as making the player start with maximum ammo. This can be useful with weapons that have burn ammo quickly, such as SMGs.

Pro ChallengesEdit

Resupply: Resupply 200 times.

Grenade Kills: Get 15 kills with grenades.

Resupply Kill: Get one kill with a resupplied grenade.

The Pro version increases the range of throwing grenades and rifle grenades. Rifle grenades are also resupplied. 

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