Sabir Al-Jaber
Sabir Al-Jaber
Sabir in Iraq
Appears in Call of Duty 9
Rank Former Pvt. in Iraqi Army
Affiliations OpFor

Titanium Shipping

Status KIA
Birth 1964
Death Day 2, 2012
Weapon AK-47

Sabir Al-Jaber was a minor antagonist in Call of Duty 9, appearing only in the mission Attack Force. Sabir owns a chain of very successful banks, making him one of the wealthiest men in the Middle East.


Intelligence recieved the mission Attack Force reveals that during the Persian Gulf War and Operation Enduring Freedom most members of Sabir's family were killed by American soldiers, fueling his hatred of the Western World and the United States in particular. Sabir began to fund members of the insurgency, and and at several points in the war harbored the terrorists.

In 2009 the US caught wind of this and sent a stealth bomber to kill him. Sabir survived though he became extremely paranoid. Fearing for his life, he approached many foreign powers and private military companies and asked for protection. Titanium Shipping learned of this and promised protection in exchange for regular payments. Sabir agreed and within a year Sabir's banks became the most powerful across the Middle East.

In 2011 Sabir met with IRA agent Jonah Thorpe and two Titanium Shipping officials in Lisbon, Portugal. Using the documents stolen at the meeting, the Americans learned of Sabir's connections to terrorist cells across the globe and Titanium Shipping. The mission to capture Sabir took a back seat, and instead the US focused on capturing these terrorists.

In 2012 following the death of Jonah, an ISA team including Sgt. "Hops" was sent to capture Sabir, who was located in a nearby cavern. After fighting their way through the cavern, Sabir attempted to escape via motorboat, but the ISA pursued and eventually forced him onto land. After fighting their way through a small OpFor base they captured Sabir.

Intelligence reveals that Sabir's banks were captured by US Marines and that a suicide bomber accidentally killed Sabir.


  • Intelligence explains that Sabir was 5'9" and had a "thin" build.
  • Sabir is the announcer for the OpFor in multiplayer.
  • Sabir means "Long lasting" .
  • Sabir is the only one of Titanium Shipping associates not to have their own background mission in the Calm Before the Storm DC.

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