SNAFU is a mission in Call of Duty: From the Cold. The player takes on the role of Codename Alistair a SAS Operative who has been captured by Soviet troops in the process of sabotaging the Duga 5 Radio Array. As Alistair is being questioned by a Soviet Commander he blacks out and awakes in the base infirmary surrounded by combat troops and medics. Later, the player is rescued by Major Johansson and then head through the base to escape with the rest of the SAS unit onboard a Tu-114

Previous level Unknown
Next level Unknown
Game Call of Duty: From the Cold
Character Codename Alistair
Team SAS
Weapons AK-47 Grenadier w/ Red Dot Sight
Enemy weapons AK-47, FAMAS, Skorpion, RPD, SKS, KS-23, Makarov, CZ-75
Place 50 miles South East of Murmansk
Date 16:32, 22nd April 1979
Objective Survive this Nightmare, Escape the Soviet Base, Remove the BMP from the gates, Reach the Tu-114, Clear the Tu-114s Cargo Hold
Enemies Russian Army, Unknown Contacts
Console codename Not Released
Multiplayer map Unknown


The level begins with Alistair handcuffed to a chair and being questioned by Captain Anahtov about his mission. Before he can reply Alistair collapses and hallucinates that he is moving through a village fighting armed men before breaching an enemy strongpoint. At this point Alistair comes round and finds himself under guard in an infirmary. One Russian Trooper leaves to get Anahtov but as he leaves the room is killed by Major Johansson with a KS-23 who then attacks the rest of the Russians. Alistair frees himself while the soldiers are distracted and kills one of the Medics with a Scalpel. Johansson asks Alistair if everything went to plan and Alistair mentions his visions but at that moment the base alarm sounds and the two SAS agents head out.

Emerging from the base Johansson and Alistair move through the base as multiple C4 charges detonate on the bases fuel silo causing the Russians Troops to split focus. Moving through the base the pair come across a BMP-2 guarding the gates to the airfield. Out of heavy weapons Johansson switches to plan B and plants a Claymore Mine on a Ural 4320 Truck carrying artillery shells and then hotwires it to ram the BMP. As the truck sets off Johansson starts counting down and at 2 a Russian Engineer tries to escape the truck but sets off the Claymore detonating the vehicle next to the BMP destroying the APC and the gates.

Now at full alert due to the explosion the Russians chase Alistair and Johansson to the air-field where they attempt to board a TU-114 but are stopped by Captain Anahtov who mentions that he is taking them to a secure facility. As they head into the plane and close the ramp Anahtov shoots one of the guards while a second one is throttled by Johansson. After the guards are dead Anahtov hands Alistair a Makarov and tells him that there are more Soviet Troops on the plane. Heading into the hold Anahtov, Johansson and Alistair clear out the enemy soldiers before heading into the cockpit. The pilot asks Johansson where they are going before being ordered to take them back to Bodø Main Air Station.


SNAFU is an acronym. coined by both the Americans and British, for the phrase “Situation Normal, All Fucked Up”

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