The Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk is a versatile helicopter that takes on a wide range of roles including anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue and medical evacuation. Able to land on a variety of ships the SH-60 has become a widespread aircraft, due to its all weather abilities and space saving features.


The Sikorsky SH-60 'Seahawk'

RP: HuntedEdit

A SH-60 Seahawk crewed by Shadow Company Operatives attacked a pair of TF-141 Operatives named Reaper and Trojan as they escaped down a highway in New Zealand in a Humvee. The perusing Seahawk was destroyed by Trojan, presumably with the Humvee’s M134 Minigun while the TF-141 operatives escaped on a boat.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare EndgameEdit


The SH-60 Seahawk reappears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Endgame once again in the service of Shadow Company. The first Seahawk is seen in Recent History harassing the TF-141 Command Submarine ‘Deep Control’ using depth-charges in an attempt to cause the submarine to surface. Later Captain Kyle "Heron" Rickland destroyed the craft alongside a pair of AH-60 Apaches with a Denel 35mm Duel Purpose Gun.

The Seahawk returned in the level Confidential Material this time flown by Nikolai with Captain Price, Soap and Lightning in the search for Shadow Company Headquaters. Unfortunately the Seahawk was shot down by a Shadow Company Soldier armed with a FIM-92 Stinger and sank into a deep pool almost killing the entire TF-141 task force. After obtaining data on Shadow Company’s wrong doings Price and Soap escaped on a Griffon 2000TD Hovercraft and were persued by a Shadow Company Seahawk which was later shot down with an AT4-HS by Captain MacTavish.


A Seahawk is seen parked in the middle of the map Storage with Navy SEAL Markings suggesting it’s how they arrived in the area. A crashed and sinking SH-60 Seahawk, possibly the one from Confidential Material can be seen in a pool in the multiplayer map Glades.


The Seahawk that Nikolai commanders has the Seattle Seahawk Logo painted on the tail.

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