"Their Everywhere Man!"

This article, Russian Zombies, is about Zombies! If you don't like Zombies you are advised to not read this page.

== Russian Zombies ==

Prizak Krasnoj:

Prizak Krasnoj means Red Ghost in Russian. You have to fight off Russian zombies for as long as possible. It takes place in Seelow. It is even more "scary" than Zombie Asylum. There will be AI's helping. Hot colors saying "revive" means a player is down, while cool colors means an AI is down. There are also NPC's around and if a zombie catches them, there will be a scene of gore and zombies will rip the NPC apart. So much gore is in this, that Treyarch posted a "Trauma Test" in order for a player to partake in it. Players protest that the test is redundent.

Gorod Mertvyh:

Gorod Mertvyh means City of the Dead and takes place in Night Fire.