The Russian Compound appears in the level One Last Push and is the last Russian Fortification left on the East Coast. Located in Central Park the Compound was erected between the events of Exodus and Second Sun and was delivered by a Russian Cargo Ship docked in New York City Harbour. After being constructed by troops delivered in the initial invasion it acted as a temporary field control point until Russian forces gained an upper-hand secured the area. Unfortunately for the Russian Troops the invasion was dealt a fatal blow when Captain John Price set of a Nuclear Bomb over the Easter Seaboard, with the resulting EMP Offlining all electrical power and stopping the Russian advance in it’s tracks.

Despite this set back Russian Forces in New York were able to get a lot of hardware including their command base back on line before American bombers levelled the area. With the formidable air defences online it took two months of attrition, as evidenced by the destroyed Russian Armor before Foley, Ramirez and Dunn, alongside multiple American Battalions, were able to smash through the outer perimeter. After loosing their Humvee the rangers destroyed the SAM Launchers, AA Guns and Pantsir AA Vehicles to allow the American Airforces to destroy the base thus ending the Russian occupation of the United States.

The Russian Compound also appears in the Spec Ops Mission Park Siege where the player has to fight off a Russian Couterattack, containing BTR-80s and a Mi-28 ‘Havoc’ using an AA Gun.


The number of Russians guarding the compound is relatively small considering the importance of the structure. It is possible that they are fighting off incursions to the north and have left only a skeleton crew within the compound

The destruction of the Russian Compound is comparable to the destruction of the building in Team Player. Many of the Rangers can be seen filming the attack on their mobile phones as well as the Spielberg comment about the one who suggests selling the footage

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