Private 1st Class Redueriis is an allied NPC Character who appears in the level Supply and Demand. He has a distinctive tatoo on his left arms and unlike the other soldiers in this level wears a helmet with attached night vison goggles. Redueriis also makes an apperance in the splitscreen Spec Ops Challenge Drag Race

Call of Duty Endgame

Redueriis is a character found Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Endgame appearing only in the level Supply and Demand to hunt the drug lord Eduardo Perez. Redueriis’ rank is Private 1st Class and carries an M4A1 Grenadier and appears to be a skilled combatant. After following Captain Marcellus and Seargent Cortez into the main Plantation Building, Resueriis witnessed the death of Private Albus and later Captain Marcellus before he and Cortez eventually found Perez heading into a Cocaine Field. After entering the field and rescuing Cortez from being attcked by a TF-141 opperative Redueriis’ was killed by members of the Colombian Drug Cartel as Cortez carried him out of the field. Redueriis is playable alongside Cortez in the Spec Ops Mission Drag Race as the second player character who has to be dragged through the field while protecting the other player by shooting enemies.


Reduerriis is voiced by Colombian Actor Juan Davis Agudelo who also supplied voices for members of the Colombian Drug Cartel

Reduerriis is the last member of Puma Squadron, excluding Cortez, to die

Reduerriis is one of the few NPCs to use an Underslung Grenade Attachment at an unscripted moment

As you pull Redueriis out of the field one of his legs occasionally disappears or will have a plant sticking through it

Reduerris name translated into English translates as River

Reduerris appears to have a Poison Arrow Frog tattooed on his left arm

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