Recon is the third level of Call of Duty: Covert Ops. The player controls CIA agent Dirk Samson as he and his squad attack Communist bases on the Peruvian border.


While riding in a convoy with US Marines, Samson comes across a small outpost, and takes out two guards with a scoped M1903 Springfield. The convoy continues down a road, and Samson takes out a Communist patrol. As the convoy continues, all of a sudden several enemy tanks come down a road and begin firing at the convoy. Captain Fergerson gives Samson a BAR and a Bazooka, and they fight back the communists. Samson uses the Bazooka to destroy the tanks. Because the jeeps are destroyed, the squad continues on foot. The Communists continue to patrol the woods, and Pvt. Gordon falls into a trap, alerting the communists. After defeating the communists, Command alerts the group that a massive communist force is coming directly at them. They are ordered to fall back to another convoy on a nearby road.

The Communists begin to charge at the squad, who desperately flee. They come across a locked gate, and Samson and two other soldiers hold of Communists while Fergerson opens the gate. As they make it out of the gate, a tank fires at them, stunning the four. The two other soldiers are executed, but then the American convoy comes over and begins firing at the Communists. Fergerson and Samson get back to their feet and begin firing at the Communists. Samson leads the way as the convoy begins to roll forward and the communists fall back. Samson takes control of a tanks machine gun, and fires at the communists who had taken up defensive posistions around the woods. After clearing all resistance, the tank comes out the woods and Samson continues to fire at the Communists. A mine destroys the tank, so Samson fights on foot. Eventually, the communists flee back to a building known as Fort Rojo.

The Americans begin the assault on the building, but Samson gets pinned down by enemy machine guns. After calling in a mortar strike, Samson continues the strike. Samson shoots a bazooka at an enemy trench, causing a massive explosion, killing the last of the Communist defenders. However, Russian bombers begin a bombing run over the American convoy, killing all of the American crew except for Fergerson and Samson. Out of a woods appears General Palaskov, and his henchmen knockout the two and capture them.


  • On the side of the scoped Springfield is says "No campers"
  • Palaskov somewhat look likes Commisionar Markhov from World at War.

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