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Quick Draw is a brand new perk introduced in Call of Duty: Covert Ops.


Quick Draw enables the player to look down an iron sight or scope much faster, and the ability to switch weapons much quicker. This comes in handy for quickscoping, or when your in the middle of a battle and your main weapon runs out of ammo. This is good for if your capturing an objective and enemies swarm your posistion. If you also turn a corner and run into someone, you can look down your scrope faster.

Amateur ChallengesEdit

Melee Kills: Get 15 melee kills.

Secondary Weapon: Get 20 kills with your secondary weapon.

ADS Kills: Get 75 kills while looking down your sight.

The amateur version allows you to knife faster, so the transition from knife to gun doesn't take that long.

Pro ChallengesEdit

Objective: Get a total of 20 flags captured in Domination and bombs planted or defused.

Secondary Weapon: Get 40 kills with your secondary weapon.

ADS: Get 150 kills while looking down your sight.

The pro version speeds up the time needed to capture an objective or plant or defuse of bomb by 20% percent.

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