Push to Berlin is a Short/Long/Novel story created and written by Gruntijackal. If one likes the story, comment on the talk page. [[User:Gruntijackal|Gruntijackal]]

This article is about a fictional character. Not a real one. Also, this does not actually fit in with the real actions that took place in the real World War II. That is merely the Skeleton of the Story.

Nazi and Japanese Zombies will be featured in this story as a conclusion.

Battle in the Sands Edit

The City of Cu 'remhil, the last bation of German power in North Africa. As 200,000 Germans guard the area, 500,000 British prepare for entry of the city. In a hope that they will defeat the Germans in Noth Africa.

"We will defeat the Germans were they laugh with glee," Commisioner Roebuck quoted.

A large board with a map of the city of Cu 'remhil was behind him as he drawn arrows representing the die-hard soldiers of the British Marines.

"With the Germans distracted with keeping the boatline safe from airfield attack. We will set up outposts here, here and here," the Commisioner continued. He Pointed at three points on the map outside of the City.

"Once we have established a barricade around the city, we will invade and pillage the area, killing every Nazi in sight," the Commisioner mentioned as he drawn arrows heading into the city.

"Once you've taken out the Bulk of the German, Tank support will arrive to help you destroy the buildings," the Commisioner continued.

The Marines gathered, as did I- Corporal Shaun Murphy. The Commisioner paced one step forward, the marines stood at attention. The Commisioner saluted as the Marines left the building. Cars had arrived to drop us off at the right location. As we, the 4th Marine Squad, entered the back of the car, we ducked our heads as the Car drove across the sands. "The Rides a bit bumpy wouldn't you say?" Private Loknsy mentioned as the car drove over Sand Rocks.

"Ya, maybe we should were our helmets for this daring mission to build a wood tower," Private Rossiter mentioned.

"Quiet, both of you. That's not funny!" the Seargent- Loebuck- shouted. "Now keep your heads down incase German patrols come,"

The Soldiers ducked their head under the old, delapidated wood planks. The Car suddenly lept over a Sand Dune onto the ground with a loud thump.

"This Rustbucket's gonna blow up or something..." Private Ryan said.

"No it is not, it's just a little old, that's all," the Seargent barked.

"Wow. You realy need to calm down sir," Ryan said.

"We are fighting in a war that may never stop, now put on your seriouse body language and get your head down!" the Seargent mentioned.

The Truck pushed through the cold, lifeless winds of the African desert- the Sahara. As the other trucks drove, the colony had began to shatter.