"Protect innocent civilians from Russian terrorists with Sentry Guns, claymores, and ability."

Protect and Serve is a Tier 1 Special Ops level. The player is tasked with protecting the evacuation of civilians from incoming Russians. For 1 star the player must stop 3 waves and a technical, for 2 you must stop 4 waves, a technical, and a BTR, and for 3 you must stop 5 waves, a technical, BTR, and a Hind.


The player must protect civilians from incoming Russian assaults, which include infantry, rocket troops, technicals, BTRs, and on Veteran, a Hind. As waves go on they will become harder and more difficult to complete. Footsoldiers will drop AK47s and rocket troops will drop RPGs. Additional weapons are available at the start, and Sentry Guns, claymores, RPGs, and ammo crates are available.


Wave 1Edit

  • 20 foot mobiles

Wave 2Edit

  • 25 foot mobiles
  • 5 rocket troops

Wave 3 (Last Wave for Easy)Edit

  • 30 foot mobiles
  • 10 rocket troops
  • 1 technical

Wave 4 (Last Wave for Medium)Edit

  • 35 foot mobiles
  • 10 rocket troops
  • 1 technical
  • 1 BTR

Wave 5 (Last Wave for Hard)Edit

  • 40 foot mobiles
  • 10 rocket troops
  • 2 BTRs
  • Hind



Available from StartEdit

In LevelEdit

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