Pharoah's Tomb is the third level of Call of Duty 9. The player controls Sgt. William Thomas of the SBS as his team investigates Titanium Shipping oil fields in Egypt.


Sgt. Thomas, Cpl. Johnson, and Lt. Hanover are crawling across sand. They come to the top of a hill overlooking the oil fields below. Johnson and Hanover go down the hill while Thomas provides sniper support. As the two hide near a road, Thomas snipes a patrol coming down the road. A shack is assaulted, and Thomas shoots soldiers inside. Johnson begins downloading information, and Thomas shoots two soldiers going toward them. A patrol comes and Thomas quickly downs them. They finish downloading the information and get out of the shack. An RPG comes and destroys the shack, and another one knocks Thomas off the hill and into a roll. He melees a guard and takes his AK-47. He goes to regroup with Johnson and Hanover.

Watchtower tells them that a helicopter, Spade 6-2, will provide support and will extract them on the other side of the pyramid. They must clear the oil fields first. They fight through a system of pipes, destroying several of them and spilling oil. They go forward, and Thomas marks targets for Spade 6-2 to hit. Trucks come and block an escape route. The three head east and fight their way to a building. They kill the guards and blast their way inside, killing all the guards. Johnson downloads more information while Thomas and Hanover protect him. He finishes, but a BTR blasts a hole in the wall. The three escape before the BTR blows up the whole building. Spade 6-2 tells him he has no rockets and will be shot out of the sky if the BTR is not destroyed.

Thomas attacks the BTR and leads it toward the pipes. He then lights a fuel charge, igniting the fuel, causing a gigantice explosion destroying the BTR. The flame continues along, all the way to oil truckers parked near the pyramid. They all explode, sending bricks flying out of the pyramid, destroying Spade 6-2.

Thomas follows Hanover to a group of jeeps and drives one. Thomas dodges debris, and also shoots the drivers of other cars. They continue to dodge until the come upon a wall that blocks their escape route. They begin driving under construction ladders, bursting through and onto a road, and start driving toward Cairo.

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