Tier OneEdit

Name Description Challenge Pro Version
Recon Explosive damage paints enemy on map for 12 seconds Paint 100 enemies Bullet damage paints enemy on map for 12 seconds
Sleight of Hand Reload twice as fast Kill 150 enemies while using this perk Recover from lethal and tactical equipment and knife usage faster
Marathon Run for longer distances Run 26 miles Run indefinately
Hardline Pointstreaks require one less point Get 120 killstreaks Change Care Package to a new random killstreak; two assists equal one kill
Scavenger Pick up bags of ammo from dead bodies Pick up 150 bags Start new lives with maximum ammo

Tier TwoEdit

Name Description Challenge Pro Version
Quick Draw Aim down sights twice as fast Kill 80 enemies within 3 seconds of aiming down sights Switch weapons faster
Blast Shield Resistance to enemy explosives increased by 45% Survive 20 explosions No fall damage
Lightweight Run 7% faster Run 30 miles Mantle objects and climb ladders twice as fast
Invisible Invisible to UAV, Advanced UAV, Sentry Guns and enemy air support Destroy 70 enemy pointstreak awards while using this perk Red boxes due not appear for Chopper Gunner, AC-130, and Predator Missile; invisible to thermal scope
Overkill Use two primary weapons Get 130 kills with your secondary weapon Secondary weapon can have attachments and camoflauge

Tier ThreeEdit

Name Description Challenge Pro Version
Marksman Identify enemy targets from longer range Get 50 kills while holding breath Hold breath for a longer time; Invisible no longer cancels Marksman out
Gas Mask Unaffected by Flashbangs, Concussion Grenades, and Gas Grenades Kill 50 enemies impaired by your tactical grenades See through smoke grenades; Chemical Strikes and Gas Grenades kill faster
SitRep Enemy equipment appear in flashing red Destroy 50 enemy equipment Airdrop Traps appear in flashing red; Enemy grenades appear in flashing red
Steady Aim More accurate while firing from the hip Kill 100 enemies while firing from the hip Recover from sprint faster
Ninja Jam enemy radars within the same range as a MW3 Scrambler Kill 50 enemies in close quarters Enemy footsteps are four steps louder; friendly footsteps are four times quieter

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