Regular represents Tier 1, Italics represent Tier 2, and Bold represents Tier 3.
Extreme Conditioning-Infinite Sprint. Pro-Recover quickly from sprinting and knife lunges, and climb obstacles faster. 1
Sleight of Hand-Reload weapons faster. Pro-ADS faster. 1
Ghost-Remain hidden from enemy UAVs. Pro-No signature on Infrared Scopes, no name and crosshairs when targeted, and remain hidden from enemy Blackbirds. 1
Dead Silence-Silent. (85%) Pro-Take no falling damage. 1
Steady Aim-Smaller crosshairs for more accurate hipfiring. Pro-Hold breath longer when scoped. 1
Hardline-1 less kill for a killstreak. Pro-2 assists count as a kill. 1
Bomb Squad-Enemy explosives are marked with icons. Pro-Enemy equipment is marked with icons. 1
Sonic Boom-Your explosives have higher damage. Pro-Killstreak reward damage increased. 1
Scavenger-Recover lost ammo from enemy corpses. Pro-Start with maximum ammo. 1
Overkill-Replace your secondary with a primary. Pro-Secondary may have 2 attachments. 1
Deep Impact-Bullets get more damage through walls. Pro-Extra bullet damage against killstreak rewards. 1
Last Stand-Pull out a pistol before dying. Pro-Get revived by teammates and stay alive longer. 1

Martyrdom-Drop a live grenade upon death.

Pro-25% more health. 1

Gas Mask-Toxic Gas gives you no damage.

Pro-Unaffected by Flashbangs and Concussion Grenades. 1

Tactical Knife-Larger melee radius. Pro-Faster knife. 1

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