The Plantation seen in the level Supply and Demand was used to grow cocaine Eduardo Perez which was then distributed by his organization. Located in the Colombian Highlands the house and plantation were built in the 50s with the rainforest cleared to grow coffee. A few years later Paramilitary forces moves in and the rainforest reclaimed most of the coffee plantation with only a few service roads left open to transport arms and armor into the jungle interior. Eventually the Colombian Army secured the entire area and after a swift yet brutal fire-fight the paramilitary forces were routed from the house and the fields were swallowed up by the encroaching jungle.

In 1997 a new owner arrived, the formidable business man and drug dealer Antonio Andreas who bought and renovated the house to become a command center for his drug running operation. A shrewd tactician Andreas cleared the rainforest and grew flowers, one of the many legal exports the he had invested in, that were harvested to sell legitimately to the United States. Andreas’s reasoning was that he didn’t want to be caught with illegal coca plants on his own doorstep. In 2012 after Andreas’s death led to Perez and Zotz, who were less versed in business, removed the flowers and grew coca plants to refine into cocaine. For a while Perez made a lucrative trade in both drugs and weapons but kept the product grown at his plantation house for special customers only.

In 2017 the Colombian Narcotics Brigade, rapidly shutting down the major operations attacked Perez during an arms deal with the Ultranationalist Party. Escaping towards the plantation Perez was perused by Captain Marcellus, Sergeant Cortez and Private 1st Class Redueriis mounted on quadbikes where his remaining staff where killed by hidden enemies. Shortly afterwards the warning flares around the fields perimeter were tripped and the cocaine began to burn until the majority of the plants were destroyed. Later the Colombian Army sprayed herbicide on the area to prevent any crops from re-growing leaving the area to once again be swallowed by the jungle.

The Coca Fields are also featured in the multiplayer map Irrigation and the Spec Ops Missions; Snake in the Grass, Counter Sniper and Drag Race

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