Perez’s Plantation House is seen in the level Supply and Demand and was home to Eduardo Perez a know Drug Baron and Arms Dealer. Located in the Colombian Highlands deep in the rainforest the house has features of 18th century Spanish Mansions despite only being built in the 1950s to harvest coffee. The building was abandoned by its formed owners after paramilitary forces moved into the area and was used as a command post to attack governmental forces. Eventually the Colombian Army secured the area and after a swift yet brutal fire-fight the paramilitary forces were routed from the house and it was once again abandoned.

In 1997 a new owner arrived, the formidable business man and drug dealer Antonio Andreas who bought and renovated the house to become a command center for his illicit opperations. In 2012 a sting operation by the Colombian Army Anti Narcotics Brigade and TF-141 Operatives led to Perez and Zotz overthrowing Andreas and calming his operation and house for themselves. Five years later both the TF-141 and Anti Narcotics Brigade would return and intervene in an arms deal between the Ultranationalists and Cartel leading to a brief four way siege between the factions. After entering the building the Colombian Armed Forces recovered a list of Perez’s clients and set C4 Explosive in the basement to level the structure. The building was destroyed soon after the death of Eduardo Perez and the fragmentation of the Cartel.


The Plantation House is a re-skined model of the safe house in Loose Ends

Originally the Player was going to set C4 in a munitions store in the basement before being captured outside by Perez. The player would then have to activate the C4 and fight their way out of the situation.

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