Use a ZPU, Claymores and a healthy dose of luck to fight off the Russian Counterattack'." - Spec Ops description

Park Siege is a Special Ops level in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Endgame. The objective is to hold off waves of enemies using all the player has at his disposal. On Regular difficulty, the player will have to hold off three waves of infantry, one Jeep and one BTR for one star. On Hardened difficulty, the player will have to hold off four waves of infantry, two Jeeps and one BTR for two stars. On Vetran difficulty, the player will have to hold off five waves of infantry, two Jeeps and two BTRs and a Mi-28 ‘Havoc’ for three stars.

The Infinity Ward best time for this level is 2 minutes 22.1 seconds although estimated veteran completion time is 4 minutes 52.8 seconds


The level takes place in the middle of central park on the roofs of a Russian Compound with little cover although there are ladders off of the roof so the player can hide in the building itself. The player should start by marking the perimeter with claymore mines before taking out enemies that attack but also be aware that they may flank the player using the ladders. For the vehicles that arrive, in particular the BTR and Havoc, on veteran, the player should utilize the ZPU AA Gun as RPGs are in limited supply on this level . One other danger on this level, especially on Hardened and Veteran, is that enemies will often put down Smoke Screens to advance without being targeted although the Dragunov with attached Thermal Scope and any placed claymores detonating are good indicators on enemy positions.

Weapon LoadoutEdit

Starting WeaponsEdit

SCAR-H Grenadier w/ Red Dot Sight, M9 w/ Tactical Knife, Frag Grenade x 4, Stun Grenade x 4

Found in Weapons CacheEdit

Skorpion, Dragunov w/ Thermal Scope, RPD, AK-47 w/ Holographic Sight, SPAS-12, Claymore Mines

Found on RooftopEdit


Enemy WeaponsEdit

Enemy weapons can be found with and without attachments.

AK-47, Skorpion, RPD, FAL, RPG-7


  • BTRs hold eight passengers that deploy out the rear doors. While they are always prime targets it is always worth destroying them quickly to reduce the number of enemies.
  • Jeeps hold four enemies: one driver and three passengers. They can be destroyed quickly with concentrated fire from the RPD or a few shots from the ZPU.
  • This mission is based on the level One Last Push of Modern Warfare Endgame's campaign.

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