The Pantsir-S1 is a modern Russian armoured anti air platform. Armed with both Canons and Missiles it is a formidable foe to both Helicopters and Airplanes

Pantsier 8x8

Pantsir Weapon System mounted on an 8x8 Truck

In Modern Warfare EndgameEdit

The Pantsir S1 has appeared three times in Modern Warfare Endgame. All three of these appearances have been in the Ranger Campaign and are generally marked as destroyable targets to allow air units into the area. The first appearance of the Pantsir is in One Last Push where a single Pantsir is located at the back of the Russian Compound working in concert with Two ZPUs to prevent American Air Strikes before all three AA Units were destroyed by Private 1st Class James Ramirez. During the level Rolling Thunder two Pantsirs appear and fend off enemy helicopters while allied armor and ZPUs suppress the M1 Abrams Tank Rolling Thunder. Once again these units were destroyed by James Ramirez with the support of Rolling Thunder.

The Pantsir S1 has a more important role in the level Tomorrow Moscow where a single unit targets the Rangers Black Hawk forcing it to crash land outside a Russian Shopping Centre. Later it reappears and prevents Ramirez rejoining his squad by destroying a walkway before forcing him and the Marines he is escorting back into the Parking Structure. After a firefight with Russian Troops Ramirez uses an RPG to destroy the Pantsir. A usable Pantsir can be found in the level Objective Kilo where Ramirez uses it to shoot Tupolev 95s and Sukhoi Su-50 Stealth Fighters that have been scrambled to destroy the American Forces in Red Square. A pair of Pantsir-S1s shoot down Corporal Dunn and Sergeant Catherine "Amazon" Cortez's Ka-52 'Alligator' at Makarov's Compound in Worst Case Scenario

Spec Ops

A usable Pantsir Weapons Emplacment is featured in the Revelations DLC Pack in the Foxtrot Spec Ops Mission Calfornia Screaming. One player controls the emplacment in the mission and uses it to supress enemy Hind Helicopters, MiG-29s and Su-50 Stealth Fighters while the other player marks the Bunkers for an air-strike.


The Pantsir appears as a destroyable piece of scenery in Blizzard and Sun Spot


All the Pantsir’s have desert camouflage despite none appearing in any desert maps

The Pantsir occasionally targets ground units even though its armed with SAM Missiles and that it’s cannons can’t traverse low enough to target infantry

In addition the Canons occasionally fire without making any sound


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