OTs-33 Pernach


15-30 (10-28 when Silenced)

Magazine Size

27 Bullets per Magazine

Unlocked at

Level 46 (Lieutenant Colonel)

Rate of Fire


Used by


The OTs-33 Pernach (Russian for Multivained Mace) is a fully automatic pistol developed in the 90s for the newley formed FSBs elite OMAN troops. Weighing just over a kilo, the OT-33 was not produced in great numbers but did have some considerations for diffrent users with an ambidexterous trigger and an indicator to tell it's user when the barrel is full. The OT-33 has under mounted rails allowing laser pointers and tactical lights to be mounted on this weapon.


The OTs-33 Pernach Pistol

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare EndgameEdit


The OT-33 is a fairly rare weapon in Call of Duty: Endgame appearing in only two campaign missions. It can ocassionly be found in Tomorrow Moscow when Russian army units enter the Final Stand Position. The OT-33 features more extensivley in Objective Kilo where the player fights large numbers of OMAN troops with the 33 being the default handgun used when they enter Final Stand,


The OT-33 is unlocked at Level 46 (Lieutenant Colonel) and is not a popular choice among players, with the G18, PP2000 and TMP being far more popular choices. The main reason for the scarcity of the OT-33 in multiplayer is that it has the highest recoil of any weapon in the game along with a high rate of fire (althougth the Vector, MAC-10 and BXP have faster rates of fire and are more accurate). Coupled with limmited range the OT-33 is definatly a last choice weapon. That said in an enclosed close combat fire fight it stands out due to the traits that work against it in any other situation.

Perks that complement the OT-33 are Steady Aim and Stopping Power especially when the later is coupled with the Extended Magazines attachment. This combination allows the user a little more accuracy and gets an additional ammount of damage from the weapon thus increasing it's usefulness in close combat. Other attachments that work well with the OT-33 are Rapid Fire and FMJ Rounds the former increasing the rate of fire to a stupidly high level and the later giving the 'mace' an extra bite as well as allowing it to kill targets hidden behind cover. Despite being able to equip Laser Designators and Tactical Lights in real life both attachments are unabble to be used with the OT-33.


Rapid Fire - Unlocked by Completing OT-33 Mastery Challenge I

Red Dot Sight - Unlocked by Completing OT-33 Mastery Challenge II

Akimbo - Unlocked by Completing OT-33 Mastery Challenge III

Holographic Sight - Unlocked by Completing OT-33 Mastery Challenge IV

FMJ Rounds - Unlocked by Completing OT-33 Mastery Challenge V

Extended Magazines - Unlocked by Completing OT-33 Mastery Challenge VI


The OT-33 has a tiny mace pattern along the barrel, possibly a referance to it's name in Russian translating to Multivained Mace


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