Previous level Turbulence
Next level Objective Alpha
Game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4
Character Sgt. Roland "Demon" Durojberry
Team Green Berets
Weapons CZ99
Enemy weapons AK-74u, TAR-21, Spectre, RPK, Stoner, Stakeout, SPAS-12, AK-47, MPK
Place Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Date February 2, 2017
Objective Get out of the plane.

Fight your way through the streets and support the Sino Vietnamese.

Enemies Indonesian-Oceania Vietnamese and Insurgents
Console codename sp_omfg

OMFG is the fifth mission of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. The An-124 gets shot down by a SAM Turret and the squad of Green Berets gets involved in the Battle of Ho Chi Minh City.


Starting LoadoutEdit

Weapons CacheEdit

Found In LevelEdit

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