The Nuclear Zombies DLC [sometimes named Call Of Duty: METRO], and is basically Call Of Duty: Nuclear Warfare, only with zombies. The player takes control of an 11 year old Derek Parr, with a cast of new characters, such as Derek's 11 year old girlfriend, Cora. This DLC has a hugely dark tone, such as Cora almost getting raped by Wasteland Raiders.


It starts off after the United States has been bombed, and Derek Parr, the 11 year old son of Jackson Parr, is searching for supplies in the underground subway tunnels which serve as a base for him and his father. After finding the supplies he heads back, but hears an 11 year old girl screaming. He goes to the source of the screaming and sees 2 wasteland raiders attempting to take the 11 year old girl's clothes off. After they take the girl's bra off, Derek shoots them and kills them. Derek goes up to the girl, who wore short-like panties and was covering her now exposed breasts. Derek says he is not going to hurt her and he takes her back to the base.


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