Nicolye[Pronounced Nicolee] Kupka[Born 5-3-1966]is a Czech revloutionary and the main antagonist of Call of Duty:Vengance. He was born in Czechoslovakia in 1966. When he was 14 he watched the US accidentally kill his family and grew to hate them. At the age of 25 he then overthrew the democratically elected government and installed a Marxist dictatorship. 15 years later he has turned the Czech republic into a 3rd world country deprived of basic necessitys. He blames this on the west and that they are trying to install a fascist dictatorship. He then proceeds to shoot the former prime minister of the Czech Republic he overthrew and kills him. Colonel Vance Dudley and his men are ordered to take him down. However he expects this and uses an EMP to take down the helicopter that is transporting them. He is then fought for the final time in his mansion. He is later shot in the stomach in self defense by Leo Lao. He is then replaced by the prime minister he ovethrew.

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