Nazi Zombies are Nazi Germans who have been reanimated to Zombie forms. They Take place on two missions Nacht Der Untoten (Night of the Undead) and Verruckt.

"Their Everywhere Man!"

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In Fanon Edit

In this Wiki, Nazi Zombies are only one of five Zombie types. There are also Japanese Zombies, British Zombies, Russian Zombies, And Hell Hounds (Zombie Dogs)

Difference to Japanese Zombies Edit

Nazi Zombies are not as strong as the Japanese Counterpart. Unlike the Japanese, the Nazi zombies do not wield weapons since the Japanese wield Ariska Bayonets; although they do not use them, they drop ammo.

Nazi Zombies also move faster than the Japanese since they have no weapon in their hand. The Japanese also are all Banzai Attackers so they wear tree/grass armor. Japanese zombies will eventually catch up in speed (round 130- Nazi zombies stop moving fast at round 100).

Difference to British Zombies Edit

British zombies are Scotos Guards and Tower of London Guards that had been reanimated by the Japanese Zombies which penetrated England's defense system. British Zombies are incredibly slow but are more resilient to bullets/rockets etc. British Zombies also aid Japanese Zombies. As well as this, British zombies can break through certain floors from lower level rooms.