The MiG 23 (NATO Reporting Name - Flogger) is a Soviet Jet Interceptor built to replace the MiG 21 as a dogfighter, and later a fighter-bomber as the MiG-27. The MiG 23 was also the first Soviet Fighter to have beyond visual range combat abilities. One particular MiG-23 flew from Poland to Belgium under Autopilot after a malfunction and crashed killing one person and causing tension between the Soviet Union and NATO due to the lack of the formers response.

Call of Duty: From the ColdEdit

The MiG-23 ‘Flogger’ was seen in the trailer for Call of Duty: From the Cold coming in to land on a runway before being shot down by a Mujahedeen Fighter with either a FIM-92 Stinger or FIM-43 Redeye. Four MiG-23s can be seen in SNAFU on the runway near the Tu-114 that the SAS Operatives escaped in.

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